Welcome to our Auction !

For this auction, Mick is offering up one of his personal Stage Shirts as well as two additional T-Shirts from the recent tours in the USA/Canada and throughout the world !

These three items are being offered as one bundle, so when you win, you win all three !!

The size is "large", and please start your bidding at £100 

Please bid a lot and often , as all proceeds do go to a wonderful cause in the Nightingale Cancer Support Centre.

This auction will be open for a few weeks  !!

The Mick Box Charity Auction benefits the Nightingale Cancer Research Center. 

All of the proceeds from our auctions are presented by Mick personally .

Current Bid - Bidder's Initials Only listed

JK   £155  Sep 21, 2019
£100 Sep 18, 2019
£150  Sep 18, 2019
£150  Sep 17, 2019
£100  Sep 17, 2019
£150  Sep 12, 2019
Dr. S
£100  Sep 08, 2019

Mick's Personal Stage Shirt !

Uriah Heep "Always On Tour" T-Shirt !

"Living The Dream" USA/Canada Tour T-Shirt !