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Damian Muir
Hi Mick I am along time fan from here in NZ . We here in Christchurch would love to see Uriah Heep play again in Nz . I now it’s a big ask but when this COVID thing is over give it some consideration . Cheers from Gary’s home town .
berwick upon tweed
mick do u think the uk tour will happen
Jeff Hoffman
Hemel Hempstead
Hi Mick I have been following the band since my first gig in 1971 (Greyhound in Croydon, to Bexhill in 2019! Question; I have tickets for the 50th Anniversary show in Nov at the Palladium, with the Lockdown restrictions being relaxed, do you think the show Will go on? Ps the dream album still as exciting as when I first heard the gig open with Bird of Prey in 1971!!!
Glenn chopping
Hi mick do you ever play the 3 guitar solos from the end of the track Salisbury. One of me favorites by the way. Cheers.
Mark Novicki
West Haven , Ct
Are you enjoying the renaissance of vinyl records?
Andrew Haw
Sheffield south Yorkshire
If you were compiling a compilation CD of UH material that had never made it onto a "Best of" album before (Excluding "A Time of Revalation") What 16 tracks would you choose?
John Dollman
Toledo, Ohio
Hello Mick! Is there any chance that we might see more releases in the "Official Bootleg" series? And if so, would there be any live shows from past lineups, like with John Lawton or Peter Goalby?
Carlos Naldoni
Poços de Caldas
Hello Mick! In comparison with contemporary hard rock bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc., it seems to me that Uriah Heep gives a special attention to the arrangements, since the early works untill now. Having in mind that you are the only member to figure on all the band's albums, despite al the line-up changes, my question is: are you the man behind the arrangements? What's the approach of the band in terms of arrangement?
Phil Sloman
Hi Mick, do you remember visiting us in Cardiff when John was with Heep? I remember you being a lovely, down to earth guy. You had an early hand-held computer game (Perseus?) with you. I was just a little kid at the time so I was all over it. Wishing you many more 'Appy Days! Phil Sloman
Paul Clappison
One of my favourite Heep song's is Circus written by you, Gary and Lee. Can you tell me what you remember about writing and recording the track along with your memories of recording the Sweet Freedom album in France. Thanks Paul
Alan keetley
Hi Mick, I absolutely adore the Rock and roll medley on live 73. Is there any chance we will ever hear it played live again in the future? If not, why not? Alan
Paul Ife
Can you show me the intro to the song "Circus". Of Sweet Freedom?
Paul roche
hi mick,is there any news on the UK tour in November,I've got tickets for the Cardiff show
BK Sevik
Hello Mick. I have a question about David Byron. Did you ever try to get him back in Heep after Hensley left? Did he particepate in anything else in the period leeding up to his death?
Phil Jenkins
Ash ford
Dear Mick , Salisbury any thoughts on this forgotten time piece please God Bless , Phil
Daryl Williams
Favourite song you love to perform and least favourite song.
Newark NJ
Hey Mick, I miss you guys playing in NYC... I know it will take a long time for you guys be able to come to NYC again because of the pandemic. Why don’t you guys make a Live concert by instagram or Facebook for fans worldwide be able to watch you guys ?
Carlos Pereda
Orlando, Fla.
Mick, I have been a failthful fan since 1973 when I hard Rain in the radio. Later on Jan. 1974 when I heard Live 1973 (for some reason) I decided that was the best gift ever, so I bought about 12 copies and without any reason gave it to my closest friends. When I was 15 years old my crazy dad sent me to England to learn English (Same week Gary passed away). During that time I could see the 'Return to Fantasy' concert (Hammersmith Odeon), and on June 76 after being pennyless (not even money for food), I found a 5 pound note on the floor, and with that money and after walking some 4 to 5 miles I could attend the 'High and Mighty' concert at Wembley. You don't know it, but later you went with me to college, and later went with me every morning to work. I don't want to sound creepy, but it's like you -and the rest of the band- were my big brother. Anyway, having said this, many of my zillions questions would be about your personal life (don't worry, nothing too personal), like what do you do when not playing the guitar? any hobbies? what music do you like? politics (forget it if this is sensitive)? Any remarkable memories from a particular show? What bands do you listen to? When did you realize you guys had made it? You know I love the band although there have been times I have hated it; like the time I was lin London, and you announced you were recording 'Living the Dream' same date as my birthday. I wrote to you gues asking for permission to attend and see you guys while recording and never heard back from you. Or the time I bought the Conquest CD and there was a note from you saying I could use the CD to play frisbee with my dog at the park (you owe me that money... lol). Well, I guess you didn't expect to read from a fan, but we also have a lot to say, in the meantime please give me something to read too. ... Sorry if I sound creepy.
Paul roche
How was the steelhouse festival ? I was there,amazing gig
Wayne Donnelly
New Zealand
Hi Mick I being a lifetime fan have would like Uriah Heep to play New Zealand ..I have a dream to bring some of my favorite bands here ..These bands to my amazement you tour with Wishbone ash Nazerath whom i already have Manny intrested Suzi Q whom I am trying to contact ..The Sweet so far i am just trying to get a start I feel there to be a market for old school bands .. As there are yearly concerts that do well here ..It would be great to here from you if your interested ..I would love to see what interest there would be my friend owns a great place for a big gig here .
Paul roche
First saw you on the old grey whistle test back in the early seventies,do you remember that,I've loved the Heep ever since,and met you a few times
Ed Daly
Folsom, Pennsylvania
Could you please show yourself wearing the vest I made for you. It really mean the world to me. Appy Days!!
Hi Mick! Is there a possibility for a release of the unreleased sessions with Gregg Dechert and the Ridge Farm Sessions with Peter Goalby?
John Channing
Any truth in the rumour that you wanted ex-Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter as a Heep vocalist years ago ?, that would have been an interesting combination !!😄
Eric van den Bosch
Hi Mick! I’m tracking the Mighty Heep since 74 and saw you first in Amsterdam, Jaap Eden Hall back in 76. UH was sceduled last weekend in my hometown Katwijk headlining the Haringrock Festival but unfortunately, a virus came along. I heard from organiser Tom Frissen this gig is set for 2021. Hope to see you there (backstage?) My question: I know your age is 73, and I can imagine being on the road wears you out physically. Do you already have plans to retire or do you prefer to leave us like Tommy Cooper did? Thanks for your answer and your great rock! Cheers! Eric.
Andy Martin
Which of the venues in Newcastle you have played at, has the best memories.
Simon Michael Soerensen
Have a question about the Ten Miles High album/session, were this a session or is this outtakes from the Lawton era. Many of this tracks are on the Conquest album. One of the songs Let is ride was on one DVD of Uriah Heep History.
Werner Buschfeld
Dear Mick, is it possible that some time ago we were both in one team playing the online game "Heroes of the Storm?" I was in a group together with four people who knew each other, we had team speak, and one of them reminded me of you with his voice and accent. He sounded exactly like you. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous. And this teammate casually asked for the meaning of my nickname (Uriah). And the other players giggled. And during the game they said things like "You wanna join us on top lane ... MICHAEL?" and then they giggled again. We stayed in this group for a few games, and I was too cowardly to ask if I was playing with the founder and guitarist of my alltime lifelong favorite band because I was really afraid I wouldn´t be able to make a single good move after getting the answer. I would be very happy to receive an answer because this has been on my mind now for months. With kindest regards Werner
Tel Aviv
Hello Mr Box Uriah Heep is my favorite rock band since 1983 . Your musical way is full with the moments of joy for sure . If you can to back in time . In what moment with band you will like to be ? And if there is something you will like to change if you can ? Thanks 👍
Tom Kay
Is there any unreleased Heep material with Trevor and if so, will it ever see the light of day?
Flushing michigan
I'm so impressed with you and you band. What or who contributes to all of you being such a humble and kind band. Forever geateful
Dennis Kavanagh
Browns Mills New Jersey
Mick, I've been a heep fan since 1973, do you have any plans of a us tour? Would love to see the mighty help again.
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