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Ask Mick !

Hello Mick. I have a question about David Byron.  Did you ever try to get him back in Heep after Hensley left? Did he participate in anything else in the period leading up to his death?
Dear Mick ,
Salisbury any thoughts on this forgotten time piece please 
God Bless , Phil

 Hey Mick, I miss you guys playing in NYC... I know it will take a long time for you guys be able to come to NYC again because of the pandemic. Why don’t you guys make a Live concert by instagram or Facebook for fans worldwide be able to watch you guys ?
Any truth in the rumor that you wanted ex-Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter as a Heep vocalist years ago ?, that would have been an interesting combination !!
Wayne N. Island New Zealand - Could Uriah Heep play New Zealand ?
Could you please show yourself wearing the vest I made for you. It really mean the world to me. Appy Days!!
Hi Mick! Is there a possibility for a release of the unreleased sessions with Gregg Dechert and the Ridge Farm Sessions with Peter Goalby?
Which of the venues in Newcastle you have played at,  has the best memories.

Hello Mr Box 
Uriah Heep is my favorite rock band since 1983 .
Your musical way is full with the moments of joy for sure .

If you can go back in time . In what moment with band you will like to be? 
And if there is something you would like to change if you can ? 

Mick, I've been a heep fan since 1973,  do you have any plans of a us tour? Would love to see the mighty Heep again.
I'm so impressed with you and your
band.  What or who contributes to all of
you being such a humble and kind band.  Forever grateful
Mick - how have you protected your ears all these years
and what you recommend for musicians that play loud 
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