Socrates Maathaiopolos
Hi Mick, I am a big fan, show you once at Athens at about in the midst of the previous decade, I was wondering if you could tell me what was the experience that inspired you as a band to write 'Tales' - which by the way is a favorite- from 'Magician's Birthday'
thank you

Lars Good - Sundbyberg, Sweden
First of all, big thanks for your greetings video when i turned 60 this summer.
Could be the best present ever !! My question to you is, you have any plan to write your biography about your life with Heep. Thanks in advance

Tapio Keihanen - Helsinki, Finland

I'm a huge Ronnie James Dio fan and I also absolutely love Heep too. I saw Heep first time at a festival here in 1990 (saw Dio on the same stage three years earlier) and spotted a baby in a stroller there. The baby was rocking in the stroller to throughout the gig so heavily that I thought the stroller will tip over! It didn't but I'm sure the baby became a life-long Heep fan right there!

For some reason, I've always found Rainbow's Temple Of The King and your Lady In Black very similar to each other. Musically they sound different, they don't have anything in common lyrics-wise, but I still find them somehow very similar to each other. Needless to say, I love both of these songs. The question is: Do you find any similarities between these two songs or is it just me?

Mark Nickell, Smyrna Tennessee
After all these years of performing live, do you have any jitters/nervousness/stage fright right before a show? Thanks.

Alan Keetley - Granada, Spain

Hi Mick, I have often wondered, if more could have been done by the management or band members to halt the decline in health of both Gary and David. Of course I realise much was done, but in hindsite could more have been achieved?. After all, all your careers could have potentially been ruined because of these problems. Hope you don't mind such a deeply upsetting question. You know we all love you!

Gerry - Carol Stream Ill, USA

I love David Byron's solo album Take No Prisoners. Any memories of Man Full Of Yesterdays?

Alex Cameron - Seville, Spain

After nearly 50 following Heep  I came across a Lady in Black collaboration that you did with Iris. It was phenomenal, a fusion that really rocked. Are there any collaborations that you've done, either with other bands or individuals, that you are particularly proud of?

Jan - Silkeborg, Denmark 

Hi' Mick
I've seen Heep A LOT of times over the years, a few times where you have supported Deep Purple. I always thought that if I were Deep Purple I wouldn't have Heep to support me, you playing so weel as you do .. 
But anyway, my question is: I know you use the ENGL amps and the Carparelli guitars, but why is that ? I know ENGL produces som fab. amps, but so does Marshall and other guys on the market. Is it becauce the last better touring or ..? And how did you end up playing the Carparelli guitars? They look smashing and sound brilliant, have you gotten your guitars customized or ..? ;-)  All the best Jan

Andy Martin - Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK
Hi Mick. 
Been a big fan of Heep since 1971, when i bought the look at yourself album.  I would like to know what your favourite album is during the seventies and eighties, and which of the more recent albums do you think is the best.
Cheers Mick

Mark - Weirton, West Virginia, USA

Mick what tuning and what chords do you use with the beautiful song Paradise?...God Bless.   Mark

Lorenz Oberfell - Germany

Hi mick. I'm a great uh fan since 50!! Years. New songs. New CD.? New Germany tour.
Bis bald. Gruß Lorenz. (sorry my English)

Darren Preece - Palm Bay, Florida , USA

Hi Mick ...... I have been a Heep fan for many years and seen you live in various places from Blackburn to Castle Donnington to Germany and others ..... I am a fan of all of Heep's singers, John Lawton being my favourite but I wanted to ask what did your short time singer Steff Fontaine sound like, was he more a Goalby style or higher like Shaw ...... often wondered, and I hope Lee Kerslake is OK ..... he is a legend like you.

Uwe Witzemann - Esslingen, Germany 

Hello Mick, are CD's or DVD planned for the 50th anniversary?

Brent - Ontario, Canada
Hi Mick! I Have Been A Big Fan Since 1974 and Would Like To Know If The Band Would Ever Consider Doing That
Great Epic Adventure of a Song "SALISBURY" Live With A Small Orchestra? Or Maybe Even The Full Album Live?.
Your Friend The Byrd

Giorgio - Dublin, Ireland
Hi Mick, I am a Uriah Heep fan from 1980 when l saw your band on stage in Udine - Italy, from that time l bought almost all your records to know better the songs and the sound evolution of the band through the times.
Here l like to ask you : the first album is for me one of the best ever, hard rock, jazzy and blues.. a very good deliver concept.. Why just after a while the sound changed in more soft or pop songs? Your Gipson SG was played amazing from you.. Which year of make was that? I hope at some stage to see you all again, maybe in Ireland on stage or for a good glass of wine - Cheers Giorgio

Mark, West Haven, USA
Hi Mick, are you enjoying the renaissance of vinyl records?

Olga - Odessa, Ukraine

What's your favorite guitar? Which guitar is the oldest?

Elke Beiküfner - Essen, Germany
Hello Mick, this is my question to you and all other Heeps: How do you write songs - music and lyrics? Is it a more spontaneous or a more planned process? What inspires you, which are your favourite subjects? Hope my question is interesting to other fans too.
Many thanks and beautiful summer days :-)  Elke

Stuart Bewdley - UK
Would you consider another UH celebration for the 50 year anniversary, similar to previous ones in London hotel setting with previous band members attending/Performing, Q&A, auctions of memorabilia etc

Tony - Kentucky, USA

Hello Mick. love your music for years. i fell of the grid, but found you again, with the great album: Awake The Sleeper and 
Living The Dream. my question to you is: When are you guys going to come back to Louisville, Ky. ?
Right now i only have DVD's to watch.

John - New Jersey, USA

If you had to do an album all over again, what would it be?

Larry - Tennessee, USA 
Hey Mick! I forgot to ask you this question at the Meet and Greet last year! In your early years of learning guitar, did your hand size cause any issues for you moving about the neck!  My thumb and fingers present issues when trying to bar chords! Thanks!

Neil Stubbings Campbelltown, New South Wales

Is any of Uriah Heep's music still available as printed sheet music?

Alan Keetley - Granada, Spain
Hi Mick, I absolutely adore the Rock and roll medley on live 73. Is there any chance we will ever hear it played live again in the future? If not, why not?

Dougie - Berwick Upon Tweed, UK 
Mick,  do you think the UK tour will happen ?

Damian Muir - Christchurch , New Zealand

Hi Mick I am along time fan from here in NZ . We here in Christchurch would love to see Uriah Heep play again in Nz . I now it’s a big ask but when this COVID thing is over give it some consideration . Cheers from Gary’s home town .

Phil - Cardiff, UK

Hi Mick, do you remember visiting us in Cardiff when John was with Heep? I remember you being a lovely, down to earth guy. You had an early hand-held computer game (Perseus?) with you. I was just a little kid at the time so I was all over it. Wishing you many more.
'Appy Days! Phil Sloman

Carlos Naldoni Poços de Caldas , Brazil

Hello Mick! In comparison with contemporary hard rock bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc., it seems to me that Uriah Heep gives a special attention to the arrangements, since the early works untill now. Having in mind that you are the only member to figure on all the band's albums, despite al the line-up changes, my question is: are you the man behind the arrangements? What's the approach of the band in terms of arrangement?

John - Toledo, Ohio USA
Hello Mick! Is there any chance that we might see more releases in the "Official Bootleg" series? And if so, would there be any live shows from past lineups, like with John Lawton or Peter Goalby?

Carlos - Florida, USA

What do you do when not playing the guitar? any hobbies? what music do you like? politics (forget it if  this is sensitive)? Any remarkable memories from a particular show?
What bands do you listen to?
When did you realize you guys had made it?

Paul - Newport, Wales

Hi Mick,is there any news on the UK tour in November,I've got tickets for the Cardiff show.

BK Sevcik Tonsberg - Norway 
Hello Mick. I have a question about David Byron.  Did you ever try to get him back in Heep after Hensley left? Did he participate in anything else in the period leading up to his death? 

Phil - Middlesex - UK
Dear Mick ,
Salisbury any thoughts on this forgotten time piece please 
God Bless , Phil 

Jonas -  New Jersey, USA
Hey Mick, I miss you guys playing in NYC... I know it will take a long time for you guys be able to come to NYC again because of the pandemic. Why don’t you guys make a Live concert by instagram or Facebook for fans worldwide be able to watch you guys ? 

John Channing,  - UK
Any truth in the rumor that you wanted ex-Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter as a Heep vocalist years ago ?, that would have been an interesting combination !!

Wayne - N. Island, New Zealand
Could Uriah Heep play New Zealand ?

Ed - Pennsylvania, USA
Could you please show yourself wearing the vest I made for you. It really mean the world to me. Appy Days!!

Phillip - Flensburg, Germany
Hi Mick! Is there a possibility for a release of the unreleased sessions with Gregg Dechert and the Ridge Farm Sessions with Peter Goalby?

Andy Martin - Doncaster uk
Which of the venues in Newcastle you have played at,  has the best memories.

Simon - Tel Aviv Israel 
Hello Mr Box 
Uriah Heep is my favorite rock band since 1983 .
Your musical way is full with the moments of joy for sure .
If you can go back in time . In what moment with band you will like to be? And if there is something you would like to change if you can ? 

Dennis - New Jersey USA
Mick, I've been a heep fan since 1973,  do you have any plans of a us tour? Would love to see the mighty Heep again.

Jodie - Flushing, Michigan USA
I'm so impressed with you and your
band.  What or who contributes to all of
you being such a humble and kind band.  Forever grateful

Dave, Ohio USA
Mick - how have you protected your ears all these years
and what you recommend for musicians that play loud  ?