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As we enter 2023, leaving behind the uncertainty of those last few years, one thing is for sure, that the world can never be the same again. However, with the success of Heep’s 50th Anniversary in 2022 under our belt, we will embrace the New Year with a positive feeling. We hope that we will be able to play as many concerts in as many countries that we can, and with the new album ‘Chaos & Colour being released in January 2023, there will be many exciting things ahead.

We all pray for peace and love in this world certainly with what is happening around the world, and the need for peace, love and compassion is no greater than now. I will always think of those less fortunate than ourselves, including the homeless and people just trying to live normal lives in these trying times. 

Thanks to everyone that came and enjoyed our 50th Anniversary concerts and we hope to see you all again in 2023. 

As the saying goes ‘Life is Music and Music is Life,’ so keep on rockin’ and  ‘Appy New Year! 



Mick Mondays

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