Week # 288  -  September 12th, 2019
My latest Blogolicious documenting 
the mighty adventures of Heeps concerts in Switzerland, Austria and Gibraltar!

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Uriah Heep Inducted into the Heavy Metal Hall Of History !

What an amazing night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncaseville Connecticut USA! A big thank you to all of our fans and for Martin Poppoff for presenting the award with Pat Guesaldo! 


A big thanks also go to our management Siren Artist Management Ace Trump & Adam Parsons! ‘Appy days!


"We are so proud to induct Uriah Heep into the Hall of Heavy Metal History," says Hall of Heavy Metal History Founder/CEO Pat Gesualdo. It was a great honor to have Judas Priest, Martin Popoff, the entire Mohegan Sun Team, and all the fans attending the show, join us in celebrating Uriah Heep's 50th Anniversary."

Mick  Accepting  the  2018  Progressive Music  Award 


Image by George Quartz

This award was on the Steps of Fame at the House On The Rock Music Training Center in Regensburg Germany which is run by Anton Seutter.