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Paul Roche
Paul Roche with Mick at the London gig 2013


Danny Sidoti
Akron Ohio 2015

Carin Even Deven

Not a brilliant photo but the only one I’ve got!! This was taken at the London Guitar Show in 2006 when I saw Mick just walking away from the PRS Guitars booth. Certainly gave me an ‘appy day having met him again for the first time in 35 years!

Kevin O’Shea

This was taken after the Heep show on 10.05.2011 in Munich. Although I've met the band a few times, this is still my only picture with Mick. Cannot believe that! Unfortunately, my mate who took the photo didn't do the best job
Barbara Schulze


This is my photo with Mick.

It was in Sala Heineken, Madrid, (Spain), after the 29 October 2010, great gig.
Hugs !!! Thanks,
Gustau Farell Vidal
(In FB Gusbd Farell)



Mick and me together on stage in Augsburg Germany 1993 Manfred Blank

Simone Parisi

Me and Mick Box at "Live club" of Trezzo sull'Adda (Italy) on October 16 2011.
A couple of hours before Uriah Heep's show.

Simone Parisi the italian Heepster from Monza (Italy).

Tina Schido

This was taken on the concert in Morbach/Germany on the 22th of May 2011. That was a special day for me because I could get on stage with Uriah Heep headbanging to free and easy. After the show we had a VIP-meeting and it was a lot of fun.

So this is my favourite photo of Mick Box and me because everytime I see it, I remember that unforgettable night with stage-headbanging and VIP-meeting.

Best regards

Tina Schido


J.C. Richards

Hi Dave, this is a photo of me with Mick from the 6/22/10 BB kings show.not only was the show phenomenal (my first ever) but Mick was without a doubt the kindest, sweetest, most gracious man I have ever met in the industry and I have met countless over the years. he was very chatty, full of smiles and warmth and signed everything I gave to him. he treated me like a friend and not just another nameless fan in the crowd. I shall never forget his kindness or immense talent. I look forward to seeing another show and getting the chance to spend a bit more time with mick in the future

Cheers Mick, you are the greatest


Krassimir Ivanov and Petia Kassarova


Long Live Uriah Heep !!!
The show on June 22nd 2001 at "Jaxx" was the best rock concert
me and my wife have ever seen!

Finally the dream to meat my favorite band
and guitarist came true.

We can't wait to see them again!
Krassimir Ivanov
Petia Kassarova


Deborah Sylvester

 This pic of Mick and myself was taken April 1st 2011 at Enmore Theatre Sydney Australia after their awesome concert. Album signed, kissed and hugged by Mick and I was in ecstacy. Album framed and pic framed for prosperity.

I have been a Heep fan for 33 years and to see them live was the ultimate.

I am lucky to alive as I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition mid 2010 and so had a really dreadful few months, so to be at the concert and to meet Mick made me one of the happiest, blissful fans at the concert. I go to sleep with a contented smile on my face every night.

Thank you to Mick for the passion and drive that has kept Uriah Heep as one of the superior bands in the world and Mick the most accomplished and talented guitarist on this planet.

Don’t leave it too long again to come back to the great land of Oz.
Peace and Love and always Easy Livin with Appy Dayz.

The debstar.

Deborah Sylvester

Bob Dreher

June 13th, 2001 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mick and the band
 signed one of my guitars. Great music, great night.

Martin Punsch


Hi there!

I´ve met Mick last week on Tuesday backstage after the show in
Augsburg at the Spectrum Club! Attached is a very nice picture with Mick and myself.

Actually that was one of the finest moments in my life to
 meet one of the greatest guitarist in the world!

All the best from Munich/Germany


Andy Howard

My name is Andy Howard and this photo was taken in Carlisle 30th October 2004. My wife and I had got to Carlisle early from Middlesbrough and we were mooching around the Centre where Heap were playing. I noticed the tour bus round the back and could hear music coming from a nearby open door. I managed to meander into the concert hall (much to the horror of my wife) and watch Heap doing the sound check on the afternoon. All members came down and signed my Sea of Light CD and Mick gave me the pick he had used for the sound check. What a day and what night. Met my heroes and the pick now has pride of place with me always with my car keys. Easy Livin and ‘Appy Days!!


 Kjell Erik Berg



The first time i saw Uriah Heep was in January 1978 in Basel, Switzerland.
And then, 29 years and many,many more Uriah Heep concerts later, a dream
comes true. December 2006 at Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland after the concert,
the WIZARD himself, Mick Box, comes down for a photo with me. He was so
kind, but i was so nervous i could not speak a normal sentence...

After all these years i will thank Mick Box for keeping Uriah Heep alive and still
gives us great music.

See you at a concert

                                                          Toni Kramer
This is me, Toni Kramer
The picture was taken in Switzerland 2007
Cheers and 'appy days

                                                     Paul Lebkuecher

My name is Paul Lebkuecher and I saw Uriah Heep perform at the Sellersville Theater in Pennsylvania (June 30, 2010). This was my first time seeing them perform and it was a dream come true as they have been my favorite band for 40 years!! Meeting Mick after the show was the perfect end of a fantastic evening!!

Jesse and Mick

My name is Jesse, I'll be 10 at the end of June. Mum, my little brother and sister and I were invited to a sound check in Untersiggenthal (April 2010).

We all are real Heep fans and it was great to see the musicians live. At the end, Mick allowed us to play his guitar (wow!!) and mum took pictures.

This is my favorite picture and I won't forget that exciting afternoon!!

Grant Spencer and colleague

This a photo taken while the band were in Johannesburg for the South African tour. I gate-crashed the band’s dinner at a restaurant called Moyo’s and Mick and Bernie kindly obliged with a photo.

That’s me ( the older of the two behind the guys. The younger fellow is a colleague who also wanted in on the photo).

The next night saw the concert – which was fantastic! A sell-out in Johannesburg.

All the best
Grant Spencer

Mick and Mary - Mick and Marina

The first picture: Mary Kharcheva
Taken on May 21, 2009 after a Heep concert in St. Petersburg, Russia

The second picture: Marina Glebova
Taken on May 22, 2009 at an autograph session in St. Petersburg, Russia

Both me and Marina will be very happy if you publish our photos at Mick's website.


Sahbumnim Keith A. Shaw

This photo was taken at the Heepvention in October 2002, when Heep came to the US to play at the Classic Rock Festival in Trenton, NJ. The HV Jamband was playing when Heep came in. When they came up on the stage to play, I just stayed on and did Lady In Black with them!

Janette Cordova, Myki Box and Mick

St. Charles Ameristar USA tour on the 24th of June, 2010

Mick and Rob Taylor with Carparelli Guitars

Me and Mick box back stage larking about with one of his Carparelli guitars we built him.

Mick, Tina, Enrico 2007

Kevin (mkheepster)

This is a picture taken at The Garage, Islington last year and was taken by Mick's wife.  It contains myself and 2 brothers.

I have seen Heep individually with each of them so this was the first time we had seen the band together.

From left to right;
Kevin (me), Ian (There's always one!!), Mick (obviously) and Troy (A new fan)

I would like to add my thanks to Mick and his good lady for taking the time out to talk to us and for taking the photos on the night.

Good luck to Mick and the boys on their forthcoming tours in South Africa and the US and I look forward to seeing them in the UK soon.


Kevin (mkheepster)

Marije Essink

My name is Marije Essink, from the Netherlands, currently 38 years old, and a Heep fan since I first saw them live in 2000.

This picture was taken on February 6 2004 at a venue called De Boerderij in Zoetermeer (near The Hague), a place where Heep have played lots of times over the years. It was my 15th Uriah Heep gig, and the band came out for the afterparty, after doing a great show. Always nice to see them and have a little chat if there is the chance for that! Mick most definitely is a nice guy and great to talk to. I always have a great time at Uriah Heep shows!

Max Aebischer
Switzerland 2007

Dougie Walsh
Ibis Hotel - Circa 2005 - Glasgow

Nadia Romanova

February 13, 2010; Moscow, Russia
"Feels like I'm at the point of no return" :-)
If happiness can be photographed, this is my picture of it.